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pickings n : the act of someone who picks up or takes something; "the pickings were easy"; "clothing could be had for the taking" [syn: taking]

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  1. Plural of picking

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blackmail, boodle, booty, capital gains, cleanup, clear profit, dividends, earnings, filthy lucre, gain, gains, get, gettings, gleanings, graft, gross, gross profit, haul, hoard, hot goods, income, interest, killing, loot, lucre, makings, neat profit, net, net profit, paper profits, pelf, percentage, perk, perks, perquisite, plunder, pork barrel, prize, proceeds, profit, profits, public till, public trough, rake-off, receipts, return, returns, spoil, spoils, spoils of office, squeeze, stealings, stolen goods, store, swag, take, take-in, till, wealth, winnings
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